Cerulean Bloom

Cerulean Bloom

Installation at Fleria Trends, Kolonaki, Athens


Our studio ‘Ephemera Architecture’ was commissioned by ‘Fleria Trends’ flower shop to design and construct a window installation for its store in Kolonaki, Athens. The aim was to create a new type of engagement between people and the displayed flowers. By animating the window, visitors are intrigued to stop and observe the presented flowers.

The concept of the project was to pick out the most special flowers from the flowerpots on display in order to provide them with smooth vertical movement. Furthermore, each of those flowers was lighted up with a small led light.

The composition includes ten rods, which are arranged in a linear rhythm along the window. Chemistry glass tubes are attached on the rods becoming a small vase for the flowers that move vertically. The led lights heighten the flowers and create at the same time interesting shadows and reflections in space. The choreography that is created surpasses the boundary of the window display and aims at a new engagement with the passing visitor.


Architectural Design: KKMK Architects

Project status: completed

Date: May 2014

Photography: Photis Karapiperis