Chocolate, coffe and nut store, Great Portland Rd, London


Choconut is a new concept store offering a great variety of nut products, including handmade chocolates and coffee. Located in central London, this is the first physical retail store of Choconut brand. As architects, we had the opportunity to develop an architectural typology that had a dual role: initially to accomplish the functional aspect of product display and secondly to define the brands identity. The proposed geometry was closely related to the aesthetics of nuts and their traditional means of storage: the sacks. Our aim was to generate impressive sculptures that would embed display areas and accommodate multiple products.  This coexistence of natural products with bold architectural elements, provided to the visitor a contemporary space, where he could experience the properties of nuts into the aesthetics of the space.


Architectural Design: KKMK Architects

Project status: completed

Date: April 2015