Iqos xmas


Vitrine installation for Iqos stores


The concept behind the iqos vitrine installations was developed by merging two principle figures: the IQOS product and the Christmas spirit. The iqos as a product has characteristics familiar to the public (such as the original tobacco taste) however, it uses a very innovative technology in the way it performs: it warms up instead of burning.

Our proposal was expressed through the immediacy that the idea of the ‘present’ has, a strong part of Christmas spirit for everyone. The gift, scaled up has been landed in a magical place, a snow white landscape where it brings color and motion. The iqos products that are exploded provide life to the winter scenery, and nourish the visitor’s thought to stop by and see that something big is happening here, something that deserves his attention.

A fundamental principle of the vitrines design was to achieve a fine balance between the minimal aesthetics of the product and the exuberant Christmas image. We kept simple lines in our design such as the illuminated circle representing the moon n the background and the forest with white trees standing in front. The silver balls that form both the ground and sky bring some sparkle to the setting. The colorful products stand out of this fainted background providing the final result with a strong contrast.