Private house at Ekali

Private house at Ekali



The three-storey private house of a total of 400sqm area dates back in 1980’s. A full interior renovation was proposed were the three floor plans were redesigned in order to meet the needs of a growing  family.The main living area is located on the ground floor where an open plan kitchen was aligned with the dining area, the living room and the reading room. The master bedroom, which includes a walk in closet and an en-suite bathroom, is located at the first floor, next to the three kid’s bedrooms. On the lower ground floor the home cinema, the gym and playroom are located.

The focal point of the interior space at the main living area, is a contemporary wooden panel that stands between the dining area and the living room. It performs a semitransparent wall, which defines functions but also connects the space. A second layer connects the ground floor with the first floor. Made of cylindrical-shaped beams, the wood was intentionally made to match with the original wooden window frames of the building. The main panel meets a secondary one that emerges out of a double height opening, which is the connection point between the ground floor and first floor and acts as a foyer space. The skylight above draws light into the core of the house through that point.

Throughout the house, millwork is designed custom to reach cohesiveness to the project.  White marble and concrete covered surfaces provide the spaces with a balanced contrast between shiny and rough textures that blend together with the wooden details. The aim was to integrate existing elements with new details to achieve a cohesive composition that merges the past and present together as one articulated concept.


Architectural Design: KKMK Architects

Project status: design proposal

Date: November 2016