Eris Private House at Kifissia

Eris Private House


Private House at Kifissia, Athens


Eris House is a family detached house in Kifissia, Athens. The building volume in the middle wall, so as to leave on the other side a protected courtyard that develops parallel to the length of the building. The layout of the floor plan and the correlation of the spaces has been designed to offer privacy to the occupants by protecting them from the road and passing pedestrians, yet combining the interior spaces with the exterior activities. The plan layout and distribution of spaces aims to provide privacy to the habitats from the road and combine outdoor living with indoor activities. Thus, two L-shape volumes overlap. On the ground floor the common areas such as the living room and the kitchen are accommodated and have a direct connection with the garden and the swimming pool.  On the first floor the private rooms are distributed facing the internal part of the plot.
The interior view of the living room and kitchen is occupied by a large opening that in the summer months unifies the interior with the exterior, maximizing the livable square footage.

The distinctive architectural character of the façade is developed through an interplay of solids and voids. The solid parts provide a clear separation from the public zone of the street. The voids enable circulation between the interior and exterior. Planting plays a very important role in the management of the architectural volumes, transferring the green element to the vertical axis as well. The water element surpasses the facades’ explicit boundary by providing the residents with a peaceful, contemporary lifestyle experience.