K45 Residence

K45 Residence

Private House at Paleo Psychiko


This private residence is in the Paleo Psychiko area of Athens on a plot of 785m². It covers a total of 540 m² in three levels. The elevated ground floor features living and kitchen areas, while the bedrooms occupy the upper floor. The lower ground level comprises a playroom and guest house. The project is a reconstruction and extension of an existing older residential building. The requirement of the owners was to maintain the outline and the contour of the older building and create there a modern house that will meet their functional and aesthetic needs.

One of the issues the design had to address was the existing façade to the street, with its randomly arrayed openings, which had to be preserved. In this case a grid was superimposed on the façade to frame and integrate the existing openings. The grid was designed with inwards inclined surfaces outlying the windows. Due to the variable dimensions of the windows these prismatic enclaves provide a sculptural texture to the whole façade.  All these surfaces are painted white, allowing the sunlight to differentiate the shades on the pyramidal surfaces.

The other major aspect of the design is the green back yard, overlooked by an extensive elevated terrace, lined with the same tiles as the living room and kitchen, from which it is also directly accessible. The rear façade features a large glazed opening uniting interior and exterior spaces. This effect is accentuated by the existence of a large skylight on a double volume above the living room.

The large living area is of approximately square shape. Thus, four focal points have been created, the fireplace corner, the tv lounge, dining area and another corner sofa facing the terrace and rear garden. All these are united by a custom designed sitting arrangement, with a double face corner sofa and corresponding coffee tables.  Both the fireplace and the TV installation are faced with veneer oak extending upwards to double height. These items create powerful morphological elements adding extra height to the feeling of the space.

All bedrooms in the top floor have been designed with a minimalist approach. Built-in furniture prevails, the surfaces being natural wood and white lacquer.

The whole project is a case of a conversion of an existing urban shell to a modern minimalist residence for a young family.