Loft HC

HC Loft

Apartment, Iraklion, Crete, Greece


The HC Loft is located at Irakleion, Crete with a total surface of 110 m2. It has been fully renovated to accommodate the needs of its new inhabitant, a New Yorker relocating to Crete. The distinctive nature of this project is that it addresses a specific user persona; a tech-savvy individual for whom feeling at home forms an integral part of his character.

The design is divided in two parts. The first deals with the architecture and geometry of the space, while the second focuses on the integration of high end technology that transforms the apartment into what we call “smart home”.

By removing existing wall partitions the space was transformed into an open plan loft, where everyday operations alternate harmoniously while at the same time remaining distinct. The living room, the kitchen and the office co-exist but carefully do not mix. This is achieved using variations of materials and light, creating subtle boundaries between spaces.

In the center of the plan lies the volume of the two bathrooms, an element that provides privacy to the most personal spaces such as the bedroom, the walk-in closet and the gym. In similar fashion, a curtain acts as a gentle partition element, enhancing the sense of privacy around the bedroom.

The entire house is characterized by the use of two contrasting materials, warm-feeling walnut wood and smooth glossy epoxy floor surfaces.

Lighting has been another prominent design tool of HC Loft. Specific lighting zones were created to meet the needs and requirements of each space, while all equipment is RGB-ready, allowing the space to emit the widest-possible spectrum of colors. As the light hue changes, the perception of space changes as well which in turn influences the user’s mood – effectively transforming home into a unique personal shelter.

The secondary design axis, is the implementation of technology and how it can change the way we experience the modern home.

Since most devices – lighting, multimedia, air conditioning, heating and music speakers – are connected over WiFi, a single “Hey google” call-out can prompt your house to behave as you wish. Without any conventional switches, Google Home and the owner’s voice become a unique interface with the house itself. Google appliances, boasting a distinctive design, are placed at strategic points of the house, thus instantly transforming the space, modifying light temperatures, introducing unexpected music sounds. This unique feeling is intensified by short-throw projectors positioned throughout the Loft, which operate as “dynamic” paintings and complete this “imaginary” user experience.

Light, image and sound cooperate seamlessly to produce a fluid perception of space, eventually transforming HC Loft into a space of immersive experience.


Project status: Completed | Date: 2019 | Photography: Billy Zoupas