X19 Apartment

X19 Apartment


Family House at the Athens Riviera


X19 apartment” is a 3-bedroom apartment of 175sq.m. located at the Athens Riviera. At the 3rd floor of an apartments block, “X19” has unobstructed views towards the sea from the one side and to the mountain from the other.

The objective of this project was to create a cozy space that combines the openness of a seaside residence with the warmness of a luxury urban dwelling. This was achieved by placing focus on two architectural elements – light and materials.

The huge sliding window of the façade lets the light flood the interior and achieves a seamless connection with the exterior space. This is further enhanced by the riveting piece of mirror covering the main living room wall. Light and views become part of the interior space.

The use of oak veneer provides a necessary elegance and coziness that an upscale, modern residence requires. Veneer lining transforms the open kitchen into a piece of delicate, fine furniture. Wood expands into every room, creating a common architectural language throughout the whole residence, while small hints of Volakas Greek marble reveal a discreet luxury.

X19” captures the elements of a modern Athenian urban apartment, seamlessly combined with the feeling of a luxurious seaside villa.