Enthoosia Offices

Enthoosia Offices

Entertainment company, Athens, Greece


Enthoosia means experiential entertainment. Enthoosia’s new headquarters, located on Voukourestiou St. in Athens, combines the element of open plan workspace with a modern clean-cut aesthetics.

The design follows long straight lines, that organize the space into working and public spaces. Internal partitions are scarce so that the workplace gets as much comfort and space as possible. In this way, flexibility in future adjustments of the company is maintained. Four executive offices and a large meeting room filter the space between the exterior and the open plan workspace. Their separation with glass partitions, enhances the feeling that the space remains united in its entirety.

The philosophy of this modern company, made up of young people, is also reflected in the materials. By preserving and revitalizing the old terazzo that preceded it, a canvas was immediately created to guide us in our aesthetic choices. Concrete, metal, glass and exposed services throughout the building give the area a vibrant, modern and straightforward character. These materials bring in their essence, productivity, speed and flexibility. Just like the companies of the future. Elements such as stone and wood come to quiet and warm the spaces, creating a successful and aesthetically balanced ensemble.


Project status: Completed | Date: 2019 | Photography: Billy Zoupas