Residence Z7

Residence Z7

Single family house, Palaio Psychiko, Athens, Greece


The Residence Z7 is located in Palaio Psychiko at the northern suburbs of Athens. It is structured on 3 levels of a total 630 sq.m. Its architecture blends between its urban character and the aesthetic approach of a luxurious villa, offering different experiences to its owners.
The exterior space is designed in such a way as to offer small daily escapes from the city life. The pool of 53 sq.m., occupies the front part of the house and is lined with Aliveri marble.

The outdoor space, covers a 58sq.m. pergola, which offers shading, while metallic perforated sheets form a protective curtain from the neighboring houses without depriving the precious light.

The artificial light is used widely, to underline the volumes and the layers of the composition. Therefore, the volume of the pool, pops-up from the rest of the composition, while the alongside led lighting, leads the visitor is led to the main entrance of the house.


Project status: Completed | Date: 2015 | Photography: Billy Zoupas