Vitrine installation for Iqos stores


As part of the Valentine’s festive period, we had the pleasure to produce and install five ‘Together’ sculptures for the windows of Iqos stores in Greece. The two hearts are flying ‘together’ over the products, providing the whole set up with a sexy and romantic character. Two headlamps are also part of the synthesis, illuminating the hearts with bright red and magenta colors.

The aim of this installation was to make a solid statement at the windows, without blocking the views to the interior. Our approach of developing a multilayered geometry enabled us to have gaps between each slice, thus to maintain eye contact between the visitor and the interior of the stores. As an addition to this, our sculpture acquired a dynamic character. The visitor’s perception of the object alters as he passes by the window. There are points of view where a full three-dimensional object is apparent, while in others the aspect of depth disappears. It feels like the installation flattens and pops out again.


Architectural Design: KKMK Architects

Project status: completed

Date: February 2018

Photography: Photis Karapiperis / Maria Zeri