Xmas Script

Xmas Script

Installation at IQOS stores, Voukourestiou str, Kifissia, Mall of Athens, Tsimiski str. – Thessaloniki


The Xmas Script was designed and developed as part of the Christmas decorations for Iqos stores across Greece. We were asked to design an object for the interior space of four stores in Athens and Thessaloniki. Our aim was to surpass the aesthetics of the common Christmas tree and provide the interiors with a new type of Christmassy decoration.

We designed and built the ‘Xmas script’, a parametric installation that was placed in the most prominent point of the space. The ‘Xmas script’ was created according to an algorithmic design where 485 red balls were arrayed in a mathematically driven way to form a homogeneous form.


Architectural Design: KKMK Architects

Project status: completed

Date: December 2017

Photography: Photis Karapiperis